Boxcar Social (Harbourfront)

Mon 8am - 5pm
Tue - Thur 8am - 12am
Fri - Sat 8am - 2am
Sun 8am - 8pm

90 Indoor Seats
36 Patio Seats
No Outlets

Boxcar Social Harbourfront, a cafe by day, and bar by night, is situated perfectly with a beautiful view of Lake Ontario. This location has a spacious interior with plenty of indoor seating. With a colour scheme of wood, dark grey walls and metal, Boxcar has kept consistent to its rustic feel. Needless to say, its gorgeous patio is sure to be a much sought out space for those summer days and nights. If one of Boxcar Social's locations is already a favourite spot, this new location will be sure to make it on your list for places to enjoy a tasty drink and good company. But if you need outlets for your laptops, you may have to look elsewhere. 

Neo Coffee Bar

Mon - Fri 7AM - 7PM
Sat - Sun 8AM - 5PM

30 Seats
Few Outlets

When you walk into Neo Cafe, you are greeted by mellow music and the smell of delicious Japanese roll cakes. The combination of concrete and wooden walls adds to Neo Cafe’s modern and unique design. There are various options for seating from cushioned benches along the wall with mini tables for your drinks and a long shared table with stools. 


Forget Me Not Cafe

Mon - Fri 7AM - 7:30PM
Sat - Sun 9AM - 6:30PM

24 Seats
12 Outlets

Do you like the feeling of home? Filled with wooden tables and chairs in various corners of the space, this quiet cafe feels like a cozy cottage. This homey space makes it a perfect place for a date. The wall space is filled with gems from candles, cards, to kitchenware. Forget Me Not Cafe offers a simple menu of drinks and different sweet and salty treats. 

Sorry Coffee Co

Mon - Fri 7:30AM–8PM
Sat 8:30AM–8PM
Sun 8:30AM–6PM

10 Seats
4 Outlets

Located within the centre of Yorkville, Sorry Coffee Co. has become a popular place for those passing by and those on their way to work. This small cafe boasts plenty of natural light, a modern design and great coffee. With just a short list of drinks, few pastries, you can't go wrong if you're looking for simplicity. No cash, card only. 



Mon - Sun 10AM - 7PM

28 Kensington Ave
25 Indoor Seats - 25 Patio Seats - 4 Plugs - Wifi

You'll often see photos of Fika’s famous book wall, but this cafe has much more to offer. Located in Kensington, this refurbished house turned cafe makes you feel right at home as you enjoy one of their crafted drinks. With indoor seating, a large shared table, and a backyard patio, you have plenty of options to enjoy your drinks or meal.

Rooster Coffee (Jarvis)

Monday - Sunday 7AM - 8PM

40 Indoor Seats
15 Outdoor Seats
20 Outlets

Rooster Coffee is a lively cafe with a steady stream of customers. With high ceilings, natural lighting, and open space, you don't feel crowded even with the hustle and bustle of the place. They also have a spacious patio and upper level. Rooster Coffee serves the crafted drinks and baked goods you'd expect to find at any cafe. Overall, it is definitely the spot to catch up with some friends. If you're looking to get some work done, the numerous outlets will keep your laptop charged and the coffee will keep your energy fueled.

Rooster Coffee House (Riverdale)


Monday - Sunday 7AM - 7PM


Rooster Coffee House (Riverdale) is situated in a spot where you wouldn't expect to find a cafe - in a residential neighbourhood. But perhaps that's what makes it unique, while providing a stunning view of Riverdale park and the Toronto skyline. This small cafe gives off a homey vibe and is perfect for anyone looking for some quiet time away from the city. 


Early Bird Espresso

Monday - Friday 7AM–7PM
Saturday - Sunday 8AM–7PM

613 Queen St W
30 Seats - 6 Plugs - Wifi

Although Early Bird is a popular spot on Queen West, you'll find a calm atmosphere with simple decor to relax, immerse yourself in a book, or do some work. There are plenty of tables and a large shared table, plus a small patio for those warm summer days.  


Boxcar Social

Mon 8AM–5PM
Tues - Thu 8AM–12AM
Fri - Sat 8AM–2AM
Sun 8AM–8PM

4 Boulton Ave, Toronto, ON M4M 2J3

The high ceilings, wooden tables, and natural lighting are just a few reasons to visit Boxcar Social. This spot offers both cafe beverages and a wide selection of craft beers, wine, and whiskies; not to mention, their meat and cheese spreads.  For a rustic space to leisurely meet up with friends, Boxcar Social stands out as a place to reach.